Mailbox full of mail

Does Direct Mail Belong In The 21st Century?

I’ll make this answer very quickly. YES!

But like everything else in the past decade your direct mail strategy has to evolve. Just like cell phones and TV’s have changed over the past decade, the way you reach your audience needs to change to reach it’s maximum potential. That’s not to say that direct mail still doesn’t play a part though.

According to Cox Target Media, direct mail is still a key part of the consumer buying process. According to the Direct Mail Association Factbook, 65% of all consumers, aged 15 years or more, made at least one purchase as a result of direct mail in the previous year. That worked out to a success rate at least 30% better than that of email marketing — 4.4% vs.12% respectively. In addition, 2.9 billion direct mail coupons were also redeemed in the same year.

But that doesn’t mean that your marketing should stop there. The direct mail piece is a fantastic way to build awareness of your brand, sale or coupon but it can’t stop there.

Think of the marketing power you could have if in addition to that direct mail piece you then targeted that same audience through digital marketing. Think of it this way, you are meeting your audience in the physical world and the digital world. This helps bring your brand from general awareness to interest or action of visiting your store or website to make a purchase.

Here at SFSN Media we have everything you need to create a complete marketing strategy to reach your audience where ever they are. In their mailbox or on their computer, tablet or phone. We have you covered from design, printing, mailing to online. Connect with one of our sales representatives today to get started.